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Mim Mak

#Brand: HANG
#Hong Kong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mim Mak has emerged from the local scene as a rising star in the world of fashion design. Mim discovered her love for fashion through the study of graphic design in college, which can still be seen in the flowing geometric designs that have become a signature feature in her work. She was the Winner of Hong Kong Fashion Week's Party & Eveningwear category and the Overall Winner in the Young Designers' Contest in 2012, a prestigious competition dating back to 1977 that uncovers the next generation of local talent in fashion design. Shortly after, Mim debuted her fashion label, HANG, to much acclaim and her winning collection was picked up by Joyce Boutique. She then joined ATSURO TAYAMA's Tokyo studio in 2012, gaining invaluable experience from one of Japan's most celebrated designers.

Through HANG, Mim creates a core philosophy that is based around vigour and meaningful expression. Structure is of the essence in Mim's designs, and each element from fabrics down to buttons and thread are meticulously chosen to accentuate the connection between clothing and wearer. Mim is a master at combining asymmetrical shapes and contrasting colours to great effect. She is particularly adept at turning structure itself into her muse, proudly incorporating alteration marks and design details into her overall look to highlight the creative process. Creating high fashion accents in simple terms, Mim draws on elements of classic tailoring combined with neo-futuristic chic, shades of the avant-garde and a skilful balance between the fashion-forward and the practical.

Mim has enjoyed successful collaborations with notable names such as Philip Lim, NARS Cosmetics, Parco (one of Japan's largest shopping complex developers) and Asia Fashion Collective (AFC). Mim has also represented Hong Kong at Tokyo Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week in 2014.

Simon Gao


With avant-garde sophistication and flawless execution at heart, Simon Gao is one of the hottest young fashion designers ever to come out of the Chinese mainland. Born in Beijing in 1981, Simon studied in Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand before establishing his eponymous label, SIMONGAO, to great success in 2012. A crowning achievement for any young designer, Simon presented his first haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2013 and followed with a runway show on the official calendar of London Fashion Week in 2014.

Simon's meteoric rise is based on a perfect understanding of modern femininity, demanding seamless unity from contrasting styles and divergent themes. Heavily influenced by the daring avant-garde, powerful cultural art forms and the allure of heterogeneous expression, Simon's work aims to create looks that are glamorous yet modern and chic, representing the powerful women with strong and loud personality and who don't fear to share their voice. With innovation at his fingertips and a taste for powerful but everlasting styles, he has created a hyper-modern silhouette of the feminine form rooted in freedom, independence and charisma. With a foundation of clean tailoring and geometric precision, Simon's craftsmanship has been lauded throughout the world of fashion. His highly popular signature looks – from straight-lined long coats to volume short jackets and loose cut trousers – owe their success to his mastery of edge stitching, offset prints, and beautiful threading along with his eye for merging soft and hard fabrics into one flowing form.

Since bursting on to the scene, Simon has garnered a distinguished list of accolades and awards. Among these are Esquire's Designer of the Year Award in 2009 and 2013, China Best New Designer of the Year in 2012, Mercedes-Benz China Young Fashion Award in 2013, ELLE Style Awards Independent Designer of the Year in 2014 and PCLady Designer of the Year in 2015. His sought-after collections are now widely distributed to top-tier retail outlets across the world, such as Los Angels, Greek and Kuwait.


#Brand: Beyond Closet

Hailing from South Korea's vibrant fashion scene, KO TAEYONG is one of Asia's most talented and promising designers. His rise to the top of South Korean fashion is the envy of young designers everywhere, having established one of the country's hottest emerging labels in 2008, Beyond Closet, just one year after graduating from Korea's Catholic University. KO TAEYONG was also the youngest designer ever to take part in Seoul Fashion Week, and has since created a second brand called Campaign Label, appealing to a wider audience with casual urban collections of excellent value. Always with his pulse on the fashion scene, KO TAEYONG also lectures at Seoul's Sasada Fashion School.

Beyond Closet is the meeting point of youthful exuberance, bold contemporary flair and time-honoured tradition. Reinterpreting all-time archetypes to his own distinctive style, KO TAEYONG defines the next-gen "preppy" look within a framework of American classics. Unafraid to go against convention, his collections are known for a rich palette of colours, gorgeous original prints and witty graphic elements woven into a blend of old-school designs and new-age expression, unified in one seamless theme.

KO TAEYONG is an established name in the fashion circuit and a yearly fixture at Seoul Fashion Week, and he has also taken part in New York Fashion Week in 2013 and Asia Fashion Week in 2015. He is also the winner of multiple industry accolades including the Best New Designer by Korea Fashion Brand Award in 2010, Seoul Top 10 Designer Awards in 2011, CFDK Awards New Designer of the Year in 2012, Herald-Donga TV Lifestyle Award in 2013, and has also been honoured with the "Knowledge Economy" Minister Award from the South Korean government. A designer with tremendous crossover appeal, KO TAEYONG has established a flourishing distribution network of retailers that carry his brand across the world. He has also enjoyed fruitful collaborations by designing for corporate giants such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Puma, UGG, LG Electronics, Chivas Regal and many others.

Pongsak Suprratccheep & Thita Kamonnetsawat

#Brand: rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL

Co-founders of the acclaimed rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL fashion label in Thailand, married couple Pongsak Suprratccheep and Thita Kamonnetsawat are the epitome of the modern success story. Holders of Fine Arts degrees in Art History, they began their journey in the world of fashion by selling original T-shirts at Fat Festival, an annual music festival held in Bangkok. The popularity of their designs led to the launch of the first Rotsaniyom stall in Chatuchak Market in 2007, and Pongsak, previously an exhibition and product designer, started to explore the world of fashion in earnest.

Their journey has yielded impressive results, and rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL is now one of Thailand's most distinguished and beloved labels. The definition of "Rotsaniyom" is "an individual imperfect beauty ideal," and their work expresses this perspective in a beautiful and delicate way. Naturally, art, culture and story-telling play a huge role in Rotsaniyom's collections. But the crux of their design philosophy hinges on a delicate state of emotion and vulnerability while retaining the casual ease of a ready-to-wear feel. Simplicity reigns at Rotsaniyom with inspiration from all that surrounds us, creating a beautiful tone and mood that celebrates femininity, deep thought and emotional connection, vulnerable but strong and optimistic at the same time. Whisper-thin lace designs with intricate stitch and needlework are signature themes, along with loose-fitting tailoring that nevertheless creates a beautifully flowing final form. Rotsaniyom is vintage elegance defined, channelling a sense of nostalgia, rich history, translucence and the illusion of impermanence. Pongsak and Thita have taken part in major events such as MQ Vienna Fashion Week in 2013, Bangkok International Fashion Week and London Fashion Week in 2014. The brand has since expanded into the Bangkok fashion havens of Siam Center, The EmQuartier, Siam Discovery and Zen. Internationally, designs from their rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL collection are carried by multi-label concept stores in Japan, China, Taiwan, Egypt, the UAE and Nigeria.